About the compilation

It has been ages since the last compilation album appeared on the market comprising contemporary musical aspirations. Publishers apart from Hungary regularly release the latest works of contemporary music, even annually, according to different themes. With our album we intend to overlap the domestic gap and we strongly believe that our present work is not a single phenomenon. We would like to create traditions and begin series. In order to make the first steps we had the National Cultural Fund on our side

Our album received the name of Meeting Point – Counterpoint, which has to be explained briefly. Some of our authors have academic qualification, whereas the others are self-educated. They are bound together by their previous – in most of the cases still lasting – regular cooperation, the common concerts, the desire for musical self-expression and the continuous search for new paths. In 2012 – we can state – that the boundaries are about to dim and dissolve between the skilled and self-educated composers. The reason for this phenomenon can be observed due to the variety of technical possibilities given for each author. Professionals are able to step in new fields, even in those ones which have been the part of the academic curriculum since the last couple of years. The amateurs can begin conscientious studying with fanatical work to realize those thoughts which they have possessed from the beginnings and they couldn’t transform them into compositions and music albums yet without the necessary technical conditions.


Our album provides a preview of these aspirations. Our authors, belonging to the younger generations of 20, 30, and 40 years old, specifically created their compositions for this work.

Order the release

Th compilation os published on 15h april, 2012.

You can order it by mail at diobel@periszkopradio.hu.

The price is 2000 HUF / 8 EUR / 10 USD
You can order it via mail in the following ways:

postal costs: 800 HUF / 3 EUR / 4 USD (outside Hungary) / 500 HUF (inside Hungary)

Methods of payment:
- bank transfer: Moiré Kulturális Egyesület, MVB14100048-52739049-01000008
- post-payment (only in Hungary, with 800 HUF postal costs)
- via Paypal: